About CleanAid Direct?

Established in 2008 CleanAid Direct strives to be a company that stands out from the others.

We use new technologies and cleaning innovations to ensure a responsive and
outstanding service is delivered to our customers at all times.

Our customers expect compliance with business standards; we will work to continually improve in this way by focusing on our objective of gaining formal recognition and accreditation.

By far the most important part of our Company is our people. We are incredibly proud of our employees from our managers and office based teams through to our cleaning staff.

Our people will work positively and successfully with you and your people.

We are talented at what we do because we listen carefully to what you say and make every effort to deliver a tailored service that outdoes your obligations from day one.

Our four corner approach encompassing the retention, training, career development, and acknowledging the progress of all employees underpins our company’s philosophy of being a good employer.

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Our people are crucial to the success and improvement of our Company and we treat them as such. We offer New Zealand Certificate in Cleaning training to our cleaning staff in Cleaning and Support Services.