Data Centre Cleaning

Keeping your data centre clean is essential. CleanAid Direct’s comprehensive data room cleaning services ensure that your sensitive IT areas are free from contaminants and conditions that contribute to unexpected downtime.

Post Construction Cleaning

Removing harmful construction dust prior to installation of IT equipment and before CRAC air handling units are activated.

Underfloor Premium Cleaning

To minimise equipment damage by keeping contaminants from entering the air vents of your IT equipment.

Ceiling Premium Cleaning

Maintaining optimal business operations by reducing contaminant build-up in ceiling panels with regular cleaning and decontamination.

Raised Flooring Cleaning

Assuring a static free environment for your IT equipment with a regular floor cleaning programme, ensuring your floor is dissipating static electricity correctly.

Prevent Business Disruption

We help prevent business disruptions and financial loss by improving equipment reliability.

Exterior Hardware Cleaning

We use proven techniques to remove dirt, dust and other contaminants from your controlled environment. We not only remove the ones you can see, but more importantly, the hidden ones you can’t see. We use specialised environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and filtered vacuums to remove even the smallest of micro-particles from your facility.

Under-Floor Plenum Cleaning

Designed to deliver cool filtered air to the sensitive equipment above, the under-floor plenum is vulnerable to dust and dirt that comes down via gravity. These contaminants can be swept up and carried to your equipment by the circulating air and need to be removed through our thorough cleaning process.

Raised Floor Tile Surface Cleaning

Anti-static floor finishing includes applying an anti-static floor finish to non-raised floor surfaces to prevent dangerous static build up.

Exterior Equipment Surface Cleaning

We vacuum exterior surfaces where applicable with filtered vacuums, then wipe clean using microfiber clothes, and anti-static cleaner. No input devices will be cleaned unless the device is completely powered down.

Interior Server Cabinet Cleaning (optional)

We clean the surface of the server cabinet doors, server exhaust fans, and surfaces of the servers inside the cabinet. Surfaces are vacuumed with filtered vacuums and then wiped using anti-static cleaner.

Subfloor Surface Cleaning

We vacuum the concrete subfloor plenum using specialised filter vacuums with recognised standards for cleaning data centres. We will remove all accessible contaminants from your subfloor plenum to eliminate the build up of particles that can be carried to your room’s air flow and cause downtime.

Ceiling Cleaning (optional)

We clean ceiling areas either vacuuming above the drop ceiling tiles by using specialised filter vacuums and/or vacuuming and wiping clean overhead cable trays to the customer’s specific scope of work, using microfiber cloths and anti static cleaner. Ceiling cleaning is an important part of a complete data centre cleaning preventative maintenance programme for your data centre.