Environment & Sustainability at CleanAid Direct

Environment & Sustainability at CleanAid Direct

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At the CleanAid Direct Cleaning Co. we believe it is our responsibility to seek to sustain the planet for the benefit of future generations by cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.

To achieve this CleanAid Direct has taken initiatives which directly influence the improvement of the environmental and human health issues.

We believe in our world. We believe it’s not too late and we understand we have a duty to protect it. Whilst quality is at the forefront of everything that we do and everything that we deliver as a team today, care and concern for environment is intrinsic to any service company in any sector who walks the talk.

Historically within facilities management to be environmentally friendly was nice but seen as a less effective & more expensive option due to the relatively weak ineffective products that were available at a premium.

These days that is no longer the case. It’s changed.

Drastic improvements in technology and innovation. The great leaps forward in biotech and microbe-based cleaning agents and in equipment we’re now able to deliver excellent solutions.

We strive to deliver the environmental solution in all contracts whether through equipment chemicals or effective methods of operation. And we always have an eye on the opportunity for us to deliver that level of care and concern.

Environment and sustainability are no longer a nice to have hippy dippy consideration. All businesses must address it. At CleanAid Direct we embrace it. It’s not optional.

Service industries such as ours are at the forefront of delivering environmental technology and we seek to deliver that cutting-edge technology into your space. We work hard with all our clients to ensure that everything we can do and they can do within that space is being done to deliver the best results across the environmental and sustainability checklist.

As you may or may not be so excited about innovation, we’re excited about new improved ways of doing things and we’re excited about delivering environmentally sustainable solutions.

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