Free Green Cleaning Assessment

sharyn Gibbons Clean Aid Direct Products

Our professional office cleaning services meet the highest environmental standards at no extra charge.


As a specialist eco cleaning company, we can help improve your recycling, reduce waste to landfill and minimise plastic consumables.

We’ve created a Free Green Cleaning Assessment for our customers, to show you how our cleaning services can create an even healthier work environment and create real cost savings for your business.

After the Free Green Cleaning Assessment you will know:

  • The most urgent factors that need to be addressed in your workplace to cut the cost of cleaning services
  • Where we can improve your overall workplace health
  • Solutions to cut ongoing costs to your business, particularly in waste management and plastic consumables.

If you’re a CleanAid Direct customer and want to go greener then this is a great free offer for you.

If you’re not a CleanAid Direct customer, please contact us for a no obligation free quote. We understand the need to get information without being harassed by pushy salespeople, so there is no obligation to sign up to our cleaning services.